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Duration - 55 minutes per class

Schedule - 4x per week over 1 week

Cost - $100 per student 

6-12 Students Per Camp

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What is the #1 mistake made by new debaters?  

What's the history of debate? 

Why is debate important? 

How do you do it and do it well? 

These are all questions that we will dive into over the course of this camp designed for a small group. Learners will walk away with knowledge and experience in the different types of debate, as well as argument construction and refutation. The first two classes will be focused on learning the fundamentals, and the final two days will be used for actual debates and constructive feedback. Students will both participate in debates and by provide feedback for their fellow learners. We will also incorporate Kahoot and other games to reinforce key information in a fun and interactive way. 


Day 1

Types of Debate & Resolutions


Day 2

Contentions & Rebuttals


Day 3

SPAR Debates


Day 4

SPAR Debates & Awards

Students who complete this course will have an understanding of argument construction and refutation, how to weigh and evaluate arguments, and how to actively listen to be able to identify key arguments. Learners will also be given a Certificate of Completion.
This class requires students to actively participate to the best of their abilities and contribute in class debates and discussions.

Is it for you? 

This camp is geared toward learners that have never participated in debate and to those that have dipped their toes in the water in our Beginner and Intermediate Classes and are ready to expand on their skills.

Many of our learners have gone on to join our award-winning debate tournament team. We have also coached many students that have won scholarships and even national titles. But our primary goal is to help encourage the self-confidence needed for any public speaking situation. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop oral and written communication skills

  • Excel in critical thinking

  • Develop research, organization, and presentation skills

  • Growth in confidence and conquering public speaking fears

Available Timings

Customer Kudos

“Great, constructive feedback, excellent topics, amazing teacher!”


“Absolutely amazing class and this is my learner's favorite class.  It is challenging and the instructor is encouraging, positive and inspirational.


“My daughter said it was the first time she thought that her stress was relieved while talking.


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