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You don't just have to take our word for it, keep reading to see a few examples of the reason we do what we do. Our students love the classes we offer and we can't wait for you to find out why.



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​"Wonderful learning experience.

My learner is prepared and feels confident to give her speech. Ms. Elizabeth even spent extra time outside of the allotted classroom time to work with my child. Thank you so

much for the guidance, tips, and the boosted confidence."

Public Speaking

"We like this class because of the group size and necessity for participation by all students. The instructor does a good job facilitating the debate and provides helpful feedback to the students."

Public Speaking

"Great class!! My child learned a lot about topics happen wing all over the world. The teacher was really energetic and knowledgeable which made the class fun."

Meckaela, The Week in News

"Instructors are outstanding. They promote confidence all the while encouraging critical thinking and critical thinking while debating the given position. Amazing class for my learner. She continues to learn and love this class."

Catherine J., Public Speaking & Debate Tournament

"I really love this class! The teacher is so nice and funny! He inspired creativity so my child was always interested in this class. He still teaches in a good way as well. That's the sort of teacher my son likes: Funny and smart! Why not try this class? "

Jinwoo, Public Speaking & Impromptu Speech 101 (ESL Friendly)

"My son has learned a lot in speech, talking and logistic thinking in this class. Ms. Piper has extensive experience in debating and has taught him very useful skills in public discussions on interesting topics. We really enjoyed the class and will continue to learn."

Jingyin, Intro to Public Speaking & Debate - ESL Friendly

"Ethan does a great job explaining the debate concepts, getting all the kids involved and providing feedback to the kids. I'm really happy with the way the class built my daughter's public speaking and research skills."

Debate Class

"Great class! My son was engaged and said the class was a 10/10! Teacher was awesome! Thank you!"

Debate Class

"One of our favorite classes! Teacher is very engaging and really really good with all the students. Super impressive. Highly recommend especially if your child has any issues "opening up" and speaking confidently."

Justin, Impromptu Speech

My daughter has been taking this class for several weeks and she loves it. I really enjoy seeing her grow and become more confident. Garrett is very friendly and gives good feedback to the kids in the class. Can't wait to see what he has in store for them!"

Public Speaking

"My 12 year old son has blossomed with this class. He looks forward to going to it, which is rare. He is speaking more clearly and his confidence has increased. Highly recommend!"

Debate Class

"This event deserves 5+ stars! Ethan and Bill are amazing teachers and coaches. This class has opened a whole new world for my learner and she absolutely loves it. Such a wonderful opportunity for her."

Justin, Impromptu Speech

Excellent information on debating skills.  My learner continues to improve with this great instruction.

Catherine J., 1:1 Tutoring

Ethan has a great rapport with the kids and my son loves taking classes with him!

Gia D, Among Us

Great debate format and the teacher is awesome and gives positive feedback to the kids!

Christine B, Beginner Debate

I really like this class for my son helps students to participate and different area’s

Luisa Garcia, Beginner Debate

My son enjoyed this class. It was the first time he took debate. Thank you for making this class fun.

Elva P., Beginner Debate

My son absolutely loved this class and Is Ortiz as a teacher. He’d love to continue but can only do weekend classes now that the holidays are over.

Melanie S., Beginner Debate

My daughter was very sad when she was unable to continue this class due to a conflict of schedules.

Hannah A, Beginner Debate

My 13 yo Daughter really enjoyed this class. She said it was fun as well as educational and definitely recommends this class.

Colleen F, Beginner Debate

Bill is very patient, focused and keeps things fun and interesting.

Henry H., Beginner Debate

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