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Free Debate Lesson

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Here's What's Included:

  • Key Debate Vocabulary

  • Debate Format Guide

  • Speech Outline

  • Research Guide

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Top 3 Benefits of Speech and Debate

Art, music, sports, scouts... many of us have our pick of the extracurricular activities available to our children. We enroll our kids because we know the benefits are worth the financial and time investments. But there is one opportunity that is often overlooked, yet couId be the biggest investment in to your child’s intellectual social and emotional growth.
Participation in a speech and debate program is said to be the second highest-valued asset on a college resume, coming in behind Eagle Scout.


Regardless of how fast our world changes effective communication will always be a linchpin for success. Speech and debate programs cuItivate this still, guiding participants in crafting compelling arguments and delivering them with clarity.
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Speech and debate nurture the art of critical thinking. Participants are challenged to question what is presented to them analyze complex issues, consider multiple perspectives, and construct well-reasoned arguments without letting emotions take control.
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Building confidence in public speaking at a young age is a major advantage and can even expand future career opportunities. While speech and debate programs may not be as well-known as traditional sports or music lessons, their impact on a child's development is profound. From honing communication skills, and fostering critical thinking to building confidence the benefits will extend a lifetime.

Our goal is to give every learner the opportunity to grow their confidence and communication skills regardless of where they live.

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