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Elizabeth Green

Bachelor's Degree in Broadcast Journalism

One thing I absolutely love about teaching is that I completely feed off of the students' energy, and I love hearing their ideas. I’m always amazed at how aware they are when it comes to real-world issues and their innate goodness. I’ve had hundreds of students answer the question “If you won a million dollars” and only a handful said they would buy anything for themselves; And even those listed it last. They would donate a lot, buy a house for their family, help their parents not have to work, etc. I expected to hear about video games and vacations but, as usual, they amazed me. The most fulfilling feeling is actually seeing them grow more confident as we go.

I’m a proud graduate of Marshall University with a BA in Broadcast Journalism. I started my career as a news reporter in West Virginia and then South Carolina where I would broadcast to hundreds of thousands of people about the daily happenings, many times truly impromptu due to not having enough time to gather info about breaking news, or system failures that made the teleprompter go blank, which is no small task, especially if you rewind to when I was a child and suffocatingly shy. Thankfully, I had that ONE teacher that made all the difference. Mrs. Day was a middle school English teacher and also coached the school’s forensics team. She saw something in me, gave me the confidence to break out of my shell to compete and win many speaking competitions, and ultimately sent me on the path to a career in communications.

Our goal is to be that teacher for your child. The one that gives them the self-confidence to not only overcome the fear of public speaking, but to help them excel at it.

Fun fact: I am a wife, mom to two boys & two dogs and you can usually find me on my back deck with my laptop because I enjoy working and love to be outside.

Elizabeth Green
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