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52 Would You Rather Prompts: Speech Writing Workbook & Mini-Video Lesson (Print At Home)

by Elizabeth Green



Print Length - 108 Pages

Prefer not to print at home ?

Are you looking to help your child build confidence in public speaking and enhance their communication skills? You've come to the right place!

As the founder of Green Communications, I've had the privilege of guiding thousands of children towards greater confidence in their communication abilities. This workbook is one of the tools we use to do that, designed to empower your child to become a more confident and articulate speaker.

This workbook is not just another grammar and spelling exercise. It's a unique tool that encourages creativity, organization, and self-expression. Inside, you'll discover engaging prompts that spark imagination, spaces for creative drawings, and structured outlines to craft responses in the form of a "speech." Our primary focus is on nurturing your child's ability to think, organize, and communicate effectively.

To make the learning process even more accessible, each workbook comes with a convenient QR code. Scan it, and you'll be directed to a video mini-lesson that will guide both you and your child through the process of transforming their ideas into a well-structured speech. It's a valuable resource that adds an extra layer of support to your child's learning journey.

This workbook is designed to be used every week for a year. As they continue to engage with this workbook, they'll develop a lasting skill set that will serve them well in countless situations. Prepare your child for a future where confident communication is a powerful asset.

Order your copy of "Confidence in Communication: A Creative Speech Workbook" today and embark on a transformative journey towards improved communication and unwavering self-confidence.

Book Description


Includes Free Mini-Speech Lesson

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Hello!I'm Elizabeth

Hello! I'm Elizabeth Green. I'm honored to lead a small group of teachers with a passion for helping kids learn how to communicate confidently and effectively in public speaking situations.

We all have a minimum of a Bachelor's degree with a focus on communications (Broadcast Journalism, Theater, Public Relations, etc). We have won numerous awards, competitions and national titles in public speaking and debate.

But most importantly, we know how it feels to be uncomfortable in a public speaking situation, and the importance of overcoming that. We all went through shy stages as children until we had that ONE teacher that impacted us in a way that propelled us to self-confidence, public speaking competitions, and even careers in communications!

Customer Kudos

“Great, constructive feedback, excellent topics, amazing teacher!”


“Absolutely amazing class and this is my learner's favorite class.  It is challenging and the instructor is encouraging, positive and inspirational.


“My daughter said it was the first time she thought that her stress was relieved while talking.


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